We Need Others

I recently completed a Mastermind series unpacking learnings from Live2Lead, the John Maxwell team event each October. I realized how valuable the group were to me in my journey to relational and leadership health. The bottom line is that we can’t see what issues hold us back unless someone is willing to engage with us and bring those issues to light. But also, we are never fully functioning in relationships unless we allow who we are to be seen by those around us. In self-disclosure we offer our strengths to benefit others, and our weaknesses to validate and encourage others as they offer their strengths to us.

These exchanges are just as important to our society as the buying and selling of commerce or the pedagogy and debate of education. Sadly, these things get more difficult as we allow media, politics, or special interests to polarize us.

It’s time to reclaim the power of others, by inviting those who differ to engage with us for our benefit as well as theirs. If you agree, let me know, and let’s see how we can make a start!