This is the time of year when we focus on Thanksgiving (at least for a day or two before we dive headlong into the festival of excess which is December).

I’m an import to the USA, so I don’t have a lifelong tradition of observing Thanksgiving, but I have been here long enough to know that most people focus their gratitude more on relationships than material things.

And I would suggest that is both wise, and insightful. Because relationships have the power to affect us more than money, possessions, or even experiences.

In your thankful moments, reflect on WHO you are thankful for (and maybe invest a little time or energy into expressing that gratitude tangibly).

But let me also turn it around: there are people who are thankful for YOU. Do you know why? Can you describe your contribution to others? Such self-awareness is the foundation of effectiveness in life, because you can only make an impact if you know your key relationships, and what you bring to them.

Thank you for caring about your place in this world and investing your time in understanding yourself better. Here’s to more thankful reflections as we grow in understanding!

Happy Thanksgiving!