Strengthening Nonprofit Boards

Nonprofit boards do vital work, and board members are united by their commitment to the mission and values of the organization. I have served on a number of nonprofit boards and see the value of these under-appreciated volunteers and their hours of valuable service to our community.

Anyone who has served on such a board can also confirm that nonprofit boards are usually comprised of people who do not know each other outside of their board involvement. A board is most valuable to the organization and cause it serves when board members have been drawn together from a wide spectrum of backgrounds: lawyers, educators, business leaders, public relations professionals, financial experts, community leaders, and faith leaders. 

I had the privilege, on several boards I served, to work actively for greater diversity on the board. Race, gender, faith, and other "divisions" need to be bridged for a board to be strong. But this also reinforces the challenge of bringing together people who have little in common beside their devotion to the cause. Board effectiveness can be hindered by the communication challenges this presents. I have seen circumstances where personality beat teamwork, to the detriment of the mission. I have also observed board members who endure meetings passively, feeling that their contribution is not needed or received. It is a tragedy when volunteered time from a skilled person is wasted in these ways, but without mutual understanding this is probably the best we can expect.

Now I am not one to highlight a problem without attempting to be part of the solution, so I have put together a package which will address this problem AND give board members a deeper self-awareness that will also benefit them in their other spheres of influence.

A one day LIFE Languages™ workshop will explain the profiles of all seven languages to give board members insight into why they think, feel, and act the way they do. The LIFE Languages™ profile provides an in-depth communication analysis and includes insightful tools that empower you to communicate most effectively from your personal profile and with the unique profiles of others. This equips your board to work effectively together, whatever challenges your nonprofit faces.

For a limited time I am offering this without a formal charge for the workshop. If you know a nonprofit that could benefit from this, please pass this along to them and invite them to contact me at mark