Work Week Leadership

What does leadership look like in the 'standard' work week? I know - there's no such thing as a 'standard' work week any more. The days of 9-5 are long gone, lost in a sea of side-jobs, flexible 'gigs' and an increasingly service-based economy. But my point is that you likely have a 'standard' week, even if that means different schedules on different days or different locations for different tasks. 

So pause your reading for a second and picture what your 'standard' week looks like, in all its complex glory!

Now, let's ask the question again: what does leadership look like in YOUR standard work week?

First, it needs Purpose. What is the reason you are leading? Where are you heading? What is your goal? If you described amazing success, what would it look like or sound like? Your purpose guides every aspect of your leadership. I know my purpose includes helping others find their purpose; that's why I write, coach, encourage, and meet.

Second, your 'standard' leadership week needs a component of Development. What are you learning? How are you investing in your own growth? Leaders are readers, because readers grow (and reading can be magnified by listening to podcasts, watching videos, and learning from others, but I question if it can be replaced by those other things).

Next, you need Replenishment: if you consistently give more than you receive, you will dry up or burn out. With the erosion of "the weekend" under the onslaught of 'flexible' scheduling, increased work expectations, and multiplying social media and activities, we are losing the art of replenishment. What refills your tank? Sleep? Quiet time? Relaxation with friends? Disengagement from electronics? Time outdoors? Whatever it is, why not schedule a couple of hours of replenishment and see how your leadership capacity grows?

Finally, there must be a Influence element in a leader's life. Today's complex world requires that we meet the challenge of empowering others in new ways; to learn to influence in new ways that counteract  the distractions around us. Influence is still powerful, provided we find new ways to influence. 

Here's to a work week full of great leadership!