It is always a challenge to start something.

You have to battle the feeling that there is no room in the world for what you want to start, as well as the self-doubt or fear that you don't have what it takes to bring it about. Then you face the unconscious resistance of others who don't see what you see, or don't understand what you are creating. 

There are many other reasons why starting is challenging; what would you add?

Nevertheless, there is something built-in with every person that (at least infrequently) longs to start something: call it creativity, calling, purpose, or frustration with the status quo, every one of us longs to start because every one of us is unique and has something to offer.

Recently, my wife and I started a new church in our area. Around the same time I started this Leadership Coaching business. Both have brought us into a new place of fulfillment and challenge that we have found exciting (and scary). Through the process, we have learned more about ourselves, and how we are wired. We have found others who want what we have to offer, and who we can help to fulfill their unique destiny.

Along the way, we have seen how our LIFE Languages™ make our starting different from the ways others start. If we hadn't learned that, we would have been tempted to copy someone else's model or method. That would have been frustrating and hurtful to what we have started, because it would have deformed our unique offerings.

What are you waiting to start? How does your uniqueness shape your starting? How does what you are starting reflect who you are and what you bring to our world? 

By all means take time to reflect on those questions, ask for help if you need more clarity, but whatever you do...

... START!

Thanks from a world that needs you to be you.