Self-awareness grows

Several times recently, while reviewing LIFE Languages™ profiles with people, I have noticed that the process of discussing the results of this well-designed instrument often leads to growth in self-awareness.

Like the time when I was discussing with a husband what might be some signs if the needs of his primary languages were not being met; he was nodding in understanding, and his wife looked surprised as some of his behavior suddenly made sense!

Or another time I was talking with a man who has several languages close together in his profile, meaning he can easily switch between them in communication and teamwork. He said "I thought that was me being unpredictable, but now I see that I'm wired to be flexible!"

These insights (and many more like them) are a great gift to the healthy leader, because they open the door to further self-awareness, and thus to increased emotional intelligence. The leader is certainly not the only one to benefit from this growth. As a famous leadership speaker once said: "everyone wins when a leader gets better!"

So don't fall for the mistake of thinking that self-awareness is a waste of time or narcissistic. Your effectiveness as a leader depends on growing self-awareness. The closer to continuous you can make that process, the better! And remember that you can't see what you can't see, so find someone who will speak truth to you, and pay them!