Direct Your Uniqueness

Before the holidays we talked about Defining your uniqueness. Each of us is a gift to the community around us, whether workplace, family, neighborhood, school, or group of friends.

Today I want to challenge you to take another step beyond defining your unique contribution. How will you direct your uniqueness in 2019?

Let me sketch out what I mean:

Each of us has a unique blend of strengths to offer. Each of us also has our own cluster of weaknesses that hinder that offering. Maybe you are a strong action person; great at moving projects forward or raising the standards in your sphere of influence. Along with that you may have an Achilles heel: “she never finishes what she starts” or “if I don’t agree with him, he resorts to attacking my motives”.

Maybe your strength is in your intelligence, or your resourcefulness, but it carries with it a weakness that you seldom act on your knowledge in a timely manner, or you withhold resources from those you mistrust. In another scenario, you a great at empathizing or understanding others, yet you find conflict too challenging or take differences personally.

Your ability to fulfill your potential rests on identifying your strengths, and your influence depends on acknowledging your weaknesses. Those who discover their personal strengths and weaknesses profile unlock the potential to direct their uniqueness.

By “Direct Your Uniqueness”, I mean that you focus on your strengths and direct them for maximum impact, while understanding your weaknesses and craft customized solutions to mitigate them.

In my work, I benefit from the strengths of encouragement. enthusiasm, and connectedness. But one of my weaknesses is failing to listen. So I set myself the challenge of asking more questions as I direct my influencing personality to the benefit of those I coach. In this way I am directing my uniqueness for the benefit of others.

What about you? Where are you strong? What challenges come with your weaknesses? Do you have a plan to make the most of who you are for the benefit of others?