Busyness is not a compliment

How’s life?

That’s a fairly common water-cooler or social conversation. But increasingly we are recognizing the “Busy” is not a cause for compliments or kudos.

Busy indicates a person who is under the tyranny of the urgent, who finds value in activity rather than purpose. Busy tends to indicate I am at the mercy of circumstances or the demands of others.

Busyness is not a compliment, but an indictment.

I have lost sight of my purpose, or my destiny. If I can recover a focus on what truly matters, I will be willing to patiently and determinedly focus on what is important, rather than just on what is next.

That is what will make my life count, what will make me fruitful. Knowing my purpose will help me turn away from busyness and toward intentionality. It’s not an easy path to walk, but it is truly rewarding.