Trees or weeds?

When I started my coaching business, I knew I had something valuable to offer. Since I had insights that help leaders flourish, I thought I would soon be deluged with clients. The reality was more a drip than a deluge. It has taken much longer than I thought to build up a base of clients.

This has caused me to take time to reflect on this: is delay failure? What did I do wrong? Why do those who can benefit from coaching hesitate to take advantage of what I (and others like me) can offer? Why do so many overlook the value of coaching?

As I reflected, I realized that what I am building is not a weed, but a tree. Weeds grow fast. Weeds germinate quickly. Weeds spread rapidly. Weeds are successful, if you measure in days. But trees are different.

The roots go deep, the branches spread, the leaves sprout in spring, and fall in season. There is a cycle of growth, and the strength to stand strong in storm or drought. Many species of animal, bird and insect can live in a tree. A tree is worth much more than a weed.

A coaching business is a tree, bearing fruit and giving life to many. It takes time to grow, but the investment is worth it. The same is true of your calling; the time it takes to grow is worth the wait. You are not growing weeds!