What kind of person do you want to be?

It is worth asking yourself this question regularly!

What kind of person do you want to be? We are living in a world where identity is increasingly unfolded and discovered over time. Gone are the days when your identity was set by your birth circumstances: a slave, a nobleman, a tradesman, a factory productions line worker.

Now the question is truly open: who do you want to be?

Identity is a developing narrative. So what will you choose? Who do you want to be?

The next question is equally important: who will be alongside you becoming who you want to be? Identity is more relational than ever; my friendships, my family, my connections influence the development of the narrative that is me.

You can pick who speaks into your developing identity, and you will be affected by the company you keep. So choose wisely, after reflecting on the key question: who do I want to become?

And how can I facilitate others becoming who they want to be?

It’s the 21st century iteration of the golden rule: Do unto others as they want to be done to. Or to put it in more prosaic language: help those around you become everything they can be.

It’s a worthy and rewarding calling.

How can I help YOU?