Summer Leadership

Here in Myrtle Beach, the spring catapulted into full-on summer mode around the Memorial Day weekend. Temperatures are in the low 100’s (that’s the high 30’s Celsius). Tourists are everywhere. College students are primarily part of the workforce, rather than studying. Schools will be out very soon. There are more out-of-state license tags than local ones on the roads. And the traffic is a challenge!

This is the new “normal” for the next three months.

All this set me thinking: what does leadership look like in summer?

Or to ask the question another way: do we embrace change, or resent it?

There’s plenty to like about the change to summer: sunshine is almost guaranteed, the beach is calling, a warm breeze at sunset can turn even the most mundane setting into something more magical, the pace of life can be slower (or at least routines are different).

But these benefits of the changing season can easily become causes for complaint: it’s too hot, the beach is crowded, it’s light too early, it takes forever to get anywhere.

I’d like to suggest that leadership is found more in positivity than complaint. Complaining reduces influence fast; most folks will follow a positive leader more readily than a negative one.

I have found that leadership embraces or accepts change as the start of a process of movement.

Summer leadership looks for opportunities more than irritations.

This approach moves us from being victims of circumstance to purposefully engaging with our current situations on the path to making them better.

What has been frustrating you as the seasons change?

What leadership opportunity do those changes offer you?