Fulfilling Your Potential

It took me a long time to realize it, but I learned some years back that it is OK to be different from others, because what I bring to situations is unique, and valuable. Since that realization, I have focused on understanding myself and others, and I’m learning to invest what I have learned in helping others grow and succeed.

I have been in two settings recently where I experienced the joy of knowing I was helping others from the wealth of experience I have gathered as I seek to fulfill my unique potential. These moments of satisfaction highlighted the value of fulfilling your potential.

The first was coaching a team of young people preparing to travel the world making a difference wherever they go. Seeing their passion is inspiring; seeing their gratitude for encouragement and mentoring was humbling. I found myself close to tears several times during our week together as I saw the significance of passing on the lessons of my own journey whilst expecting the outcomes to be different for each of them.

The second was working with a close-knit team at a local organization interfacing with the community to address current issues. As we unpacked the facets of their LIFE Languages profiles it was funny to hear “that’s EXACTLY how she reacts” and “He definitely does that” from the participants. The validation received from their personal profile enabled each team member to own his or her contribution to the whole, while the keys to understanding one another will prove fruitful in their common mission as they affirm each other’s strengths and understand each other’s needs.

Your unique potential won’t take you into those settings, but there are causes and gatherings that need your contribution to become all they can be. Do you have a clear grasp of your individuality? Can you communicate your strengths to others? And your needs for success?

If your answers are mostly yes, I applaud your courage and honesty. You are already embracing the input that can help you fulfill your potential. If you are less sure, let me encourage you to begin the journey of self-awareness that will allow you to show up, speak up, and lift others up.

I’ve experienced great joy doing that recently - now I’m inviting you to fulfill YOUR potential. I’d be honored to help you.