Keep Learning

Next week I’ll be taking my recertification training for LIFE Languages™. I’m looking forward to this because Life Languages International have made some major upgrades to the profile and accompanying materials, which I’m excited to learn about. But I’m also looking forward to the training because I have learned to love learning.

Our early experiences of learning, at school and college, have clear endpoints. These tend to focus the mind on the coming graduation, both as a motivator to work beforehand, and a motivator to choose anything BUT learning afterward!

Later in life, we either settle for what we already know, or we rediscover the joy of learning again. This latter option is the lifeblood of leadership, because it keeps the leader inquisitive, humble, and future-focused. Some are naturally wired for learning, and desire knowledge for its own sake, while others embrace learning as an aid to more effective action, a way to connect with others, or the source of better planning. Whatever descriptor fits you best, I encourage you to keep learning. You will benefit and so will we!