Don't Box Me In

High-level leaders focus on emotional intelligence, investing in understanding themselves and those they lead. The Harvard Business Review has even suggested that such skills are worth more than an MBA. Best practice calls us to be continual learners in communication and relational skills, in order that our other competencies are not wasted in interpersonal confusion. A whole branch of B2B consulting has grown up to serve this universal need.

There is a weakness in many of the tests and assessments available: they categorize more than they equip. My results may be accurate, but they distinguish me from my peers at the expense of training me to collaborate and lead more effectively.

You may be able to tell me your results from multiple tests: “I’m a D”, “I’m a 4”, “I’m ENTJ”, “My strengths are Maximizer, Strategic, Activator, Connectedness and Woo” “I’m a Golden Retriever” and so on. But these results don’t tell me how to relate to you or communicate clearly with you.

For communication success, we each need to answer two questions: What Do You Need From Me? and How Do You Need It? The second question is just as important as the first. Adapting to others is an investment in their success. Effective leaders develop their skills in self-awareness and in understanding of others.

For these reasons I recommend the Life Languages Communication IQ system. I use this in all my coaching, and in my daily interactions with others. It is a world-class communication analysis tool which validates your own unique wiring and enables you to intentionally connect with any other person more effectively.

If you dislike boxes as much as I do, why not take your profile and see what you learn? Click here to begin!