The Power of Others

I’ve had a full week of “othering” - interacting in various settings with other leaders, sometimes imparting, sometimes receiving.

Each experience was different from the others, all were valuable.

I have been reminded of the power of others in our lives. Those who seek truth, and those who speak truth. Those who want to grow, and those who want me to grow.

“No man is an island” wrote John Donne, with deep understanding of the human condition. We all benefit from the presence and influence of others in our lives.

But it’s not all wonderful; sometimes the power of others is negative. The grudge-holder, the unfair critic, the constant opponent, the hater, and the incessant drainer. These people are powerful too, if we allow them to be.

And that is the key, I believe; we get to CHOOSE our others. There is no law that says you have to tolerate a negative influencer, just as there is no law that says you must have positive people in your life.

The power of others is in your hands. You choose whose inputs you receive, and you can choose the inputs you give.

Don’t go it alone - but choose wisely who you engage.

Positive wins every time, especially when you find someone who will tell you the truth!

Here’s to interacting with others - for good!