That word!

So much attaches to that word.

Good or bad, empowering or disempowering, positive or negative, us or them.

How does “Leader” land on you?

I’m asking because I was in a learning session recently that brought home to me the power of leadership.

I started by recognizing how some leaders in my past had led from privilege, for the rewards of position, and how that had affected me.

Then I realized I could identify many of the same traits in my own leadership!


How about you?

Do you know what your leadership looks like? And do you know why?

How can we step away from disempowering behaviors to increase our leadership impact?

Here are three suggestions to start the journey:

  1. Make connections. Isolation leads to mediocrity, especially in leadership. Great leaders are insatiably curious about others, because they know that influence depends on connection.

  2. Have challenging conversations. Avoiding the hard stuff is never a good plan. Delegating tough tasks (like truth telling) to others is even worse. Connection grows when you step into honest, difficult conversations.

  3. Keep going back to vision and purpose. In the heat of the leadership race, it is tempting to look at the immediate and lose sight of the big picture. Leaders who keep their vision in focus and their purpose central, will have the orientation to succeed, influence, and lead well.

So what can you take away right now? What have you seen? What does it mean? What will you do first?