Define Your Uniqueness

December is a time for giving, and for most of us, that sets us thinking about those who will receive our gifts. What we give usually depends on the recipient. You don’t give Aunt Joan the latest video game, or your young nephew a set of knitting needles or a crochet set!

Each of us is unique, and different gifts suit different people. Sometimes we don’t know what to give, so the gift is just cash. That may be appropriate for international giving: my kids always looked forward to their $50 bill in a Christmas card from my father because my dad resembles the portrait of President Grant on the bill - they called the cash “Grandad vouchers”! But aside from such long-distance giving, a gift of cash is seldom a sign of thoughtful benevolence to those nearby.

Thinking on this prompted me to consider - how well do I know those around me? And how well do they know me? Can I define my uniqueness in ways that enable others to relate to me in a way that benefits them AND me? I’m not just thinking about holiday gifts (I am not a big fan of all that material distraction) but my focus is on the impact my life can have, if I am clear about why I’m here, and what I have to offer. Because that is my gift to the community around me.

So I have recently started receiving coaching from a new coach, who worked with me on a self-discovery exercise. Over a two hour period I was able to identify five core values I hold, together with a collection of authentic ways of being that all lead toward my identified life purpose. It is so helpful to have such a collection of truths about ME. These set me apart from others, and help to inform my living to fulfill my potential.

I could not have defined my uniqueness without help from my coach. I had some idea of who I am, and why I am here, but the exercise of exploring this with a supportive, yet unbiased “stranger” was both revealing and affirming. This is MY identity and uniqueness, and now I am able to offer this to others with confidence and humility.

How will you define YOUR uniqueness? Hopefully not just in terms of what gift you want for the holiday celebrations, but in terms of your place in the community and your contribution to our world! We need you to be fully YOU - nobody can take your place! We look forward to benefitting from the gift you are, as you identify, and live out, your uniqueness.

I’d be honored if you felt I could help you with this; let me know!